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Hoagies & Wraps

Served with a pickle & potato chips (in house only)


Steak & Cheese.....$13.95


Steak  & Cheese - Sub Style  (with onions, peppers and sub sauce).....$14.95

Steak  & Cheese - Philly Style  (with onions & peppers).....$14.95

Steak  & Cheese - Texas Style (with mustard, onions & homemade chili) ....$14.95

Steak & Cheese - Italian Style (with lettuce, tomato & Italian dressing).....$14.95


Buffalo Chicken Hoagie  (with wing sauce, lettuce, & bleu cheese).....$14.95

Italian Hoagie  (Ham, Salami, Provolone, lettuce & tomato w/onion dressing).....$14.95

Meatball & Cheese.....$14.95

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